Should I be reading while exercising?

The 2019 Effectiveness of Studying When Coupled with Exercise-Induced Arousal study, by The International Journal of Exercise Science, involved word recall while cycling, after exercising and without exercise.  The results showed that "exercise has no adverse effect on memorization ability. Simultaneous memorization and exercise produced a greater ability to recall words than memorization after or without exercise."  This does not mean that all exercises will improve cognition.  There were also studies that indicated that the intensity, duration and how much attention the exercise required contributed to successful memorization.  "For optimal cognitive outcomes, the duration of exercise also must be optimized. Chang et al. reported that an aerobic training session consisting of a 5-min warm-up, 20-min work period, and 5-min cool down improved general cognition. Meta-analyses have reported that exercise must last at least 20 min for cognitive enhancement to be experienced during exercise." 

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